NextCrew Web App Release (Admin / Staffing Coordinator) : July 7th, 2019

Job Management

  • New configuration to allow default of the day for a new job to either be set for the same or the following day

  • Crew members will not be allowed to be invited on “Inactive” jobs

  • The “Make Offer” button will also be available on the Crew Member Details page

  • Added the option to not allow employees to clock-in/out more than once per day

Network Search

  • Optimized Crew Member search

  • Added new filter option to search crew members by Internal ID

Work Performance Reviews

  • Based on configuration you can now hide reviews from crew

Bank Account Information

  • Only digits will be permitted on the routing and account number crew members and administrators will notice that the portal does not permit these to be added

Task Management

  • Added a new filter for Sub-Category


Data Exchange 

  • You will now be able to assign crew members by email address
  • You will be able to cancel crew by entering”-“ in front of email address

Permission & Controls

  • Page permissions can be setup by users/role

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