If you're reading this, it means you're interested in learning and making the most of your NextCrew software and your staffing company using the technology wants to empower you with the latest staffing technology the market has to offer!

Within our system, contents can be divided into a range of areas. This will enable you to understand the relevant processes with ease. To simplify the process, the following four general categories have been made:

  • Profile Management
  • Applying for a Job
  • Job Confirmation
  • Timesheets

Profile Management:

Once you have signed up, you can manage your profile and availability using the system. It is essential for you to create your profile which distinguishes you from the crowd. This allows your staffing coordinator to discover you based on your location, skill(s), prior experience, and of course availability. 

Applying for a Job:

You can be notified of jobs in a variety of ways: email, SMS or even push-notifications. You decide how you’d like to be notified of jobs! Alternatively, you may also login to the website and manually apply for jobs. If you see a job that you're interested in, simply click on "interested." Please note, at this point, you're simply demonstrating an interest; this does NOT mean that you're confirmed for the job. If you're confirmed to work, you will receive a notification to let you know that you have been confirmed. 


Job Confirmation:

When you're confirmed for a job you will receive a notification that you have been confirmed. It is highly recommended that you acknowledge the notification, so the staffing coordinator knows that you have seen the job confirmation. You can view your confirmed jobs on the calendar within the web page or mobile app. You will get a reminder for your job 24 hours in advance of the starting time. Please reconfirm your job to assure to the staffing coordinator that you will be at the job site the next day.


Reporting your time when you arrive at the job site is straightforward. It's as easy as opening the mobile app, tapping on the Timesheet then Clock In! You can also report your time via the web page. Once you log in, click on "Workspace" then "Timesheet" so that you may update your hours accordingly. 

*Please note, the company you work for may have a variation in the process and you should always consult with your administrator to confirm all steps first.