The purpose of this article is to provide an overview related to various areas of the staffing process.

Please keep in mind that certain processes might be different for you, but the topics listed would give you a quick overview and your options to set-up certain configurations.

Let's start with understanding the NextCrew Platform.

NextCrew is built for the cloud! This means you can get access to your system at any time and virtually anywhere you have access to the internet! All information in NextCrew is fully secured and transacted using a 256-bit encryption. We also support all major browsers. 

  • Your Landing Page
    • The landing page is for your staffing coordinators, crew members, and clients (if you provided access).
    • Depending upon your initial setup you may see the following items on your web page
      • Login
        • Allow your crew members to login to the system. The system would show them specific functions/information based on their role. For your company, username and email will be unique.
      • Sign-up
        • Based on the configuration you may have set-up; new users may not be able to sign-up and their accounts be created by staffing coordinators.
      • Staff Request
        • Staff request form allows your prospects to request for service. This does not allow them to create an account. Once the request is created, it will show up under job order form.
      • Job Search
        • The staff request form allows your prospects to request for service. This does not allow them to create an account. Once the request has been made it will show up under the job order form.

  • Company Configurations

            Certain configurations in the system are set-up at the company level which have a great impact on the system.

            Please click here to see what type of configurations are available to you.

  • Company Settings

                Information such as location, skills and groups are shared across the system for establishing standards and processes.


                        Skill Setup


  • Understanding the Menu Item

                As you login to the system, you will see the top navigation and left navigation menus. These menus allow you to easily navigate through various areas of the system. Once you click on the top menu, the left hand side sub-menu will reflect associated sub menu items.

  • Activity
  • Jobs
  • Network
  • Messaging
  • Profile
  • Reports
  • Settings



It's not easy to manage information on each crew member, especially in the hundreds or thousands. NextCrew allows you to streamline maintenance of the information by allowing them to manage their own profile which then can be verified by you. There is also certain information which you can restrict them from editing. However, the change in email, location, schedules, license and credentials is updated by the crew member. If their license is about to expire, NextCrew will notify the administer(s) and the crew member.

You can also keep track of all documentation within the system with various PRIVACY settings so that you control who can see which documents. New crew members can be added by your staffing coordinators or they can be invited or have them register from your home page.

The system allows you to have a configuration so only verified people with a hire date can be placed on a job.

Client Management

Although NextCrew is not a CRM, there are many areas about clients which can be easily maintained in the system including contact information, locations, and social media references. Every client you work with should be stored in the system, so you can re-use the information if needed. Having complete information about a client will have a great ROI impact as you work through a job order.


The impact and value of maintaining your clients:

- Once the rate configuration is set up, every time an order is created for the client NextCrew will automatically populate rates which will save you a great deal of time.

- You can also give clients access to the system so that they can place a job request and approve timesheets.

- You can store documents related to the client.

- If a client has multiple locations, you can store them all in one place.

- You can specify preferred (or not preferred) crew list by client.

Staffing Operation

Depending on the staffing vertical, services and time of the year, this could be one of the most challenging areas for your company. NextCrew technology shines when it comes to managing fast-moving-jobs and engaging your workforce in your company to streamline the operation.

The system allows you to create jobs with various privacy settings; you control who can view and apply for those jobs and you can do so by position, location, client preference or even groups.

Once jobs are added our system will automatically notify people who you have selected and shown their interest for the job. Your crew can show their interest via sms, email, website or through the mobile app. All results are displayed in your application so that you can decide who is the right fit for the job. Once you confirm crew member(s), they are notified, and acknowledgment is displayed back to you for each person associated with that job.

You can easily view the list of jobs with their status in a calendar view, report format or a line view by jobs or job order.

We automatically send a reminder to your employees 24 hours before the start time to assist in preventing no-shows.

Once the job starts the system will automatically send them a timesheet alert to update their time via mobile app or website (clocking in and out).

Post Event Operation

Once the event has completed, there are many things to do such as: making sure that all hours are reported and approved. Handling no-shows or modifying their time. An example for changing their time would be if a person forgot to clock in or out.

Having accurate information in the system is vital and will help the back-end operation by adding knowledge that can be used in the future.

NextCrew allows you report incidents (violations) on an employee level, rate employees for their work performed and quickly update and approve their timesheets.

Timesheet Management

Yes, they come in all shapes and sizes. NextCrew makes it a breeze by allowing your crew members to report their time using multiple methods with the web-based application or mobile app. If they have clocked-in using the mobile app, you will be able to see the location of clock-in/out and a front facing photo. You can also add reimbursement for certain jobs and employees.

If you’ve given access to your clients to approve timesheet, they will be reported with the status "Client Approved". Keep in mind, once timesheets are approved by the staffing administrator, it is locked for everyone else. The "Approved" status means it's ready for invoicing and payroll. If you have a timesheet in question you may want to put it in a staging area this can be done by changing the status to "under review".

Invoice Management

We all want to get paid in a timely manner by our clients and sending invoices in a timely fashion hasn’t always been the case; however, NextCrew changes all of that! You can either use NextCrew's invoice management system or integrate timesheets with your favorite accounting system.


Once timesheets are approved, payroll is made easy. You can download the payroll information in a variety of formats to import into your payroll system. If you work with Paycor or Paychex, the data can be exported directly from the timesheet screen.


Effective messaging is essential to stay connected with your team. Either messaging someone a job offer or just wanting to send out a holidays message. NextCrew takes the big question out of the equation - how the message is going to be delivered to the crew members. The answer is, it gets delivered using their preferred method - SMS, Email, Mobile App or Website.

Messages can be sent by group, location, position, predefined criteria or to an individual.


Automated Notifications

Automated notifications are designed to reduce the cost of operation. Throughout the process, the notifications are sent either automatically or based on certain actions set by you. Many notifications can be customized or introduced based on various triggers. For example, automatically send notifications to clients once a job has been confirmed.

Task Management

Our lives revolve around tasks for the staffing operation. Wouldn't it be great if you could easily track things like your to-dos on a daily basis? So that you don't forget, or be able to easily assign it to other team members? Better yet, what if tasks are created based on certain triggers - e.g. create a task once a license has expired.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Have you heard the saying "You cannot improve if you cannot measure"? NextCrew offers you easy access to KPI information and reports so that you can make better decisions in terms of your business focus. 

Applying AI to the staffing process

What if you could find out who might be the best fit candidate for a job based on their past performance, timeliness, proximity to a job, etc? NextCrew analyses all the activities performed by your users and gives you quick results to finding the best matches.

We are scheduled to release these capabilities in June 2018. 


We offer support for your staffing coordinators, crew members, and clients.We will continue to support your issues via our ticketing system, by phone and email. Any questions from crew members regarding the payroll or tax-related inquires will be redirected to your company.


NextCrew allows you to integrate information with other software and with various systems.

Permission Management

You can set up permissions to allow users to only view certain data. Example, allows for staffing coordinators to view jobs for their locations only. 

Data Exchange

 NextCrew allows you to import and export to update jobs from an Excel spreadsheet.