We understand that every business offers a unique service and that is what differentiates all of us. NextCrew can configure many different options in the system based on the type of business and service you provide.

The following are some most common configurations practiced:

1. Landing Page

        - Allow anonymous staff to register

        - Show felony questionnaire

        - Allow crew to select skills

        - Allow crew to enable SMS

        -Allow crew to upload photo

        -Public job board option

        -Allow a new client to request staff

2. HR

    - Allow staff to view job before verification

    - ACH information

    - Portfolio

    - Show social security number

    - Allow crew members to manage their own skills

    - Allow crew members to add references

    - Allow staff to view open tasks

    -Custom field option

3. Clients

    - Allow clients to post a job

    - Allow clients to select crew members for a job

     - Allows clients to change job privacy setting

    - Allow clients to modify posted job


4. Job Management

    - Default privacy setting

    - Custom field

    - Default job hours

    - Default job employment type

    - Automatically change end-time when start-time is changed


5. Operation

    - Automatically create timesheets

    - Send a timesheet reminder

    - Allow crew to modify timesheets

    - Allow jobs to be canceled

    - Allow for overbooking or not

    -Allow crew members to cancel the confirmed job