We use data to make our services as useful as possible, but you decide what types of jobs are viewed through your privacy settings. We built the privacy setting to give you quick access to easy-to-use tools that help you manage your privacy of jobs.

Inactive: This is not a preferred setting; however, this setting allows you to set inactive crew members.

My Crew: This setting sets the tone of the crew you would like to utilize whether it be by distance, availability or skills.

Private: No crew members will see the job which allows the administrator to privately invite specific crew members in real-time.

Public: Jobs are viewed by crew members and passive talent searching your site for openings.

Verified: This allows for all verified crew members to see the posting. Example, you may have 1.5K crew members in the system and only 1K have been verified through your HR process; therefore, only 1K will see the posting.