NextCrew offers virtual groups that you can create for any type of network within your firm. You can create groups based on professional interests, skills, industry, and keywords; all of which could prove helpful in your professional growth. A user can be associated with one or groups. Also, once groups are created, you can send messages to the group or invite people to a job by group(s).

Create Groups:

1. Navigate to the SETTINGS menu then the Groups tab

2. Click NEW

3. Type in a Group Name

4. Click ADD

Edit Groups:

1. Navigate to the PROFILE menu then the Groups tab

2. Click on the pencil to the right

3. Edit group name

4. Click UPDATE to save

Assign Staff to Groups:

1. Navigate to the NETWORK menu then the My Crew tab

2. Find staff to be assigned then click Groups in the staff information

3. Select group(s) by selecting checkbox(es)

4. Click UPDATE to save