When creating a job, you want to have the job-specific skills required for the position, so that you can hire the right people for the job.

STEP 1: List the skills

1. Navigate to the PROFILE menu then the Skill Setup tab

2. Type in Industry and skill that fits the needs of your business

3. Click CREATE to save to the list of skills 

STEP 2: Set the Rate

1. Navigate to the PROFILE menu then the Skills tab

2. Click on the pencil to the right of the skill to edit

3. Edit the skill to set the pay rate

  • type in the search box for the skill or use the drop down menu by Industry and Skill
  • set the rate by typing in that pay rate then use the drop down menu for pay type
  • add tags for public job searches

4. Click Edit to save

Please note, company level settings must be completed prior to setting up staff records, client records, job order and jobs, as there are dependencies within the set-up.