Workforce management can be daunting. Matching the right people with the right jobs, coordinating schedules and shifts, sending notifications and reminders to workers—there are too many manuals, repetitive tasks to count. 

How can staffing companies automate these redundancies, make processes more efficient and elevate the experience for both clients and talent?

The solution is NextCrew: streamlined, sophisticated software, that optimizes staffing from end-to-end and provides clients with the qualified, on-demand workforce they need.

NextCrew platform is built for the cloud - access it anywhere anytime and on any device. As long as you have internet access and browser you're ready to go! We support all major browsers. Although we do recommend that you can keep your browser updated for better user experience.

As a part of our platform, we also offer the mobile app to our crew members and clients. Mobile app for admin will be available in Summer of 2018.

All the information is transacted using 256 bit of encryption and your data is safe with us. The servers are hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Service) offering the most reliability.

We also offer open API to allow you connect and communicate with NextCrew. Integrating NextCrew with your accounting or payroll system is very easy - just ask!

Thank you for using the most powerful and advanced workforce management software designed for the staffing companies.