A timesheet is a record of the amount of time you have spent at a job. This section allows you to clock in and out of a job. By keeping track of the time from start to finish, as well as any breaks you have taken, a timesheet can be used to calculate your pay for the day.

1A. Sign in, tap on the menu icon, Confirmed

1B. Tap Clock-In/Out from any page within the app

2. Tap Clock In to get to Clock In screen

3. Tap Clock In

4. Acknowledge Clock In success by tapping OKAY

*Follow the same procedure to clock out.

**Please note, your staffing company may have restrictions in place not allowing you to clock-in/out unless you're at the location or prohibit early clock in.

***When you clock-in or clock-out, the system will take a front-facing photo (selfie) and store it in the timesheet record.